Revision of the entire range of water-based paints at a paint manufacturer

Überarbeitung des Wasserlacksortiments bei einem internationalen Lackhersteller

Development & Adaptation

Revision of the water-based paint range
of an international paint manufacturer

Requirement profile for water-based paints

Before the start of the project, a detailed technical and economic requirement profile was drawn up for the various water-based paint systems with target and actual values ​​together with the paint manufacturer’s development department. These were water-based fillers, transparent primers, matt to glossy clear lacquer systems and a pigmented color mixing system, which are mainly applied by spraying (hand spraying, spray lines).

Development / adaptation of water-based paints

In further steps, the basic raw materials to be used and possible, economically interesting raw materials were discussed. The basic work was carried out in the laboratory at 3P according to the requirements profile in order to relieve the paint manufacturer’s laboratory. Subsequently, samples were tested in the laboratory and in the application technology department at the paint manufacturer and, after multiple fine adjustments, were technically approved. The economic goals and chemical resistance according to IKEA IOS MAT 0066 could also be met together.

Technical approval by the customer

Finally, a technical approval was given to the end user on the automatic spray gun. The paint surfaces created there were tested and approved by an independent testing institute according to various chemical and mechanical requirements


Due to the scarce human resources and the decreasing number of know-how carriers in today’s development departments of numerous paint manufacturers, more and more companies are considering outsourcing certain development / adaptation work. Due to the excellent cooperation with the technology and the prompt implementation of the requirements, we were engaged for further optimization work.