Raw materials industry

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Raw material industry

We support you in the development of new products, markets, individual market studies, in the implementation of benchmark analyzes. In our own laboratory, we can carry out binder comparisons for you and create technically useful standard formulations. Here are some examples of our services.

Support in the adaptation and development of new raw materials (e.g., binders, adhesives, pigment pastes, fillers, additives, etc.).

We carry out benchmark analyzes, e.g., of binder systems. We carry out the production of comparative formulations and the necessary quality tests in our own laboratory.

We create tailor-made market studies (e.g., wood paints, protective coatings, automotive paints, industrial paints, metal paints, binder systems, aqueous adhesives, etc.).

According to the requirement profile, we create marketable standard formulations and develop unique selling points (USP).

Wood coatings systems, use of water-based adhesives, formulation of emulsion paints, furniture and parquet coatings, radiation-curing paint systems, color formulation, water-based paints, 2-component PUR paints, high-gloss paints, oils and others.


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