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We support the paints and coatings industry along the entire product process chain. Our team has extensive practical experience in the global coatings industry. When working on your requirements, we use our hands-on approach. We implement tasks pragmatically, reliably and promptly. We are prepared to take on and tackle any task. The team has extensive experience in applications for e.g. the kitchen, furniture, parquet, automotive and adhesive industries. Here you will find some examples of our fields of activity.

We identify economically interesting alternative raw materials and help you with price monitoring of strategic raw materials (e.g., acrylate monomers). In addition, we support you in the visualization of global raw material flows and their influence on price developments.

Planning and implementation of product developments and product adaptations can be done in our own laboratory and / or at your company. Our technical focus is on environmentally friendly water-based 1C, 2C and UV-curing lacquer systems as well as on 100% solid-state UV lacquers, for use on wood, plastic, metal and mineral substrates. The types of application used are: brush, roller, spray, roller, drum and vacuum. We develop products according to a jointly defined requirement profile.

The team has extensive experience in the execution of research projects. We also support research projects as technical consultants for paint manufacturers. Selected examples of completed research projects:

Basic research on UV-LED and excimer curing of lacquer systems

New light protection concepts for the stabilization of dark woods

Test method for predicting the weathering resistance of wood coatings

Fire protection coating concepts

Wear-resistant UV coatings

Conception of automotive refinish systems (clear coat, basic coat, top coat)

Color stability in OEM applications

From our practical experience we know that consistency in economic efficiency can only be achieved in the paint industry if cost effective raw materials are combined with optimized paint formulation costs. This requires continuous cost optimization of actual recipes. Necessary recipe cost adjustments are often ignored for reasons of convenience and avoidance of risks and complaints. The 3P team supports you with these necessary savings measures and supports the technical implementation during our partnership.

Do you need the composition of raw materials or would you like to know what is contained in competitive paints and varnishes? We analyse raw materials and paints according to your requirements.

Identifying the root cause of surface defects following application mistakes in the coating process can be very complex. E.g. insufficient substrate pre-treatment or insufficient intermediate lacquer sanding can lead to lacquer delamination. Likewise, under- or over-dosing of the hardener component in two-component paints can lead to reduced mechanical and chemical resistance.

Most paint factories invest a lot of time for the production of pigmented varnishes and paints. Often more than 5 to 10 correction steps are required for the color setting. There are process methods and techniques that we use as required in order to significantly reduce throughput times. The general focus of process optimization lies in increasing the productivity of existing processes. The 3P team works with you to find individual solutions. The magic word in process optimization, which we pursue, is the standardization of the overall processes.

The optimization of user’s application processes has a very large savings potential through reducing the coating price per square meter. Together with you, we analyse and accompany the coating process and develop proposals and measures to optimize process technology and paint consumption.

We create individual market studies according to your requirements.

Every company has its own training and education needs. That is why you will receive tailor-made and needs-based training from us.

Selected examples:

  • Training in technical and strategic purchasing
  • Radiation-curing lacquer systems
  • Manufacture and application of water-based paints
  • Formulation and application of aqueous adhesive systems
  • Furniture and parquet lacquer technology
  • Chemistry and technology of wood coatings
  • Paint production for production workers
  • Production and application of aqueous binder systems
  • Production and application of color varnish formulas
  • Technical training in paint development for laboratory employees


Merger & acquisition processes (M&A) bring along extraordinary questions. We support you in all technical matters and questions and help you in creating a technically solid basis for your decision-making process. As part of the due diligence check, we prepare market studies for market assessment and market development according to your requirements.



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